Passolution Dataservice API Collection

What is an API Collection?

The Passolution Dataservice API Postman collection is a set of all the Dataservice API requests. Using these boilerplate requests, you can test and explore the Passolution Dataservice APIs in various environments for multiple organizations.

Why use API collection?

Going through the entire API documentation to set up environments, variables, authorization, and so on every time you need to test an API can be tedious. Using the Dataservice API Postman collection can make the process of exploring APIs swift and effortless. It also significantly reduces the risk of errors.


  • Passolution account that allows access to the Passolution Web Portal
  • A registered Passolution Dataservice API client

Using the Passolution Dataservice API Collection

You can download and use the Zoho CRM Postman collection in four steps:

Step 1: Install the Postman app

Download and install the Postman app. You can skip this step if you have already installed the Postman app in your system. The preferred version is Postman v8.

System requirements: Learn more about the system requirements to install and run the Postman native app.

Installation guide: Learn how to install the Postman app on the desktop.

Step 2: Run Collection into Postman

By clicking on the following button you can import the Passolution Dataservice API directly into Postman.

Video - How to use Postman

The following video describes the test of the API in connection with Postman. The video is available in German.